If you are on the email list, please check your junk mail folder as my last email on the 20th November might have gone there.

As we approach the end of the year, the excitement and rush to get everything finished is at a great pace.

I will be away in Sydney, travelling back and forth for some of the classes over November/December and have adjusted the regular timetable

If you are interested in any of thes classes over the Nov/Dec/Jan, please let me know and I will book you in.

I look forward to hearing form you,

Established in 2012, Hangetsu Yoga is a sanctuary located in the innersouth of Canberra, suburb of Deakin. The room, with a garden outlook, is heated in the cooler months, providing a warm environment. In the warmer parts of the year, the outside breeze ventilates the space.

At Hangetsu Yoga, our aim is to focus our attention on our breath and alignment. The yoga postures give us a sense of physical and mental wellbeing. They themselves are used as tools that facilitate the process of deepening our awareness. This focus, refines our capacity to nourish the needs of our bodies, our minds and our hearts bringing us a sense of balance.

As a result of our practice we receive countless benefits, developing our clarity, resilience as well as both our physical and mental strength and flexibility.

We begin to see exactly where we might be standing in our own way and we open to new possibilites and adventures. The opinions of others matters less to us, instead, our understanding to meet the needs of others as well as our own strengthens .

This is the essence of Yoga.